In late 2019, Equix earned the amazing opportunity to be the construction partner on a 63-turbine wind project in South Texas. Our crews completed a wide scope of work, and we are proud of the quality work we’ve produced to date.

In order to complete this project, Equix Energy trenched in 77 miles of electrical collection systems and fiber and completed over 12,000 feet of directional bores. Equix Infrastructure completed construction of 36 miles of access roads, produced and installed over 41,000 cubic yards of concrete for 63 wind turbine foundations, and installed 25 junction boxes and 63 pad-mount transformers!

A true team effort in that our team was able to come together to benefit the client in, what we can only describe as, the “Equix” way. We also captured some amazing drone footage during the project’s progress. Check it out below!

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