Equix Companies

Most of our organizations operate under the Equix brand umbrella. However, for certain organizations in our portfolio we have chosen to keep their strong brand recognition and place in their industries.

Equix Energy Services

Equix Energy specializes in providing services to the energy and civil sector, including pipeline and facility construction, mainline pipeline, maintenance and integrity pipeline construction, M&R stations, natural gas distribution, pipeline, and heavy civil services. Click here to learn more.

Equix Energy Services

Equix Energy Services is a pipeline and facility contractor operating in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic, and Central Plains regions. Equix Energy Services offers mainline pipeline construction, station construction, maintenance & integrity work, and more pipeline construction operations. Learn more about Equix Energy by clicking here.

Equix Infrastructure

Equix Infrastructure is a heavy civil and renewable energy contractor focusing on the Wind and Solar markets across the United States. Click the links to learn more about our  RenewablesCivil & Geotech services.

Equix Integrity

Equix Integrity provides services to the Water/Wastewater collection systems industry, to both the public and private sectors. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the Clean & TV, Inspection, Rehabilitation and Cross Bore markets. To learn more about Equix Integrity,  click here.


Astra is a leader in the Southeast in the delivery of general contracting and job order contracting to private, commercial, government and municipal entities. Astra Group has a team of more than 170 people and operates from headquarters in Woodstock, GA with additional offices in Atlanta, Savannah, and Tampa, FL. Learn more about Astra Group by clicking here.


Mi-Tech offers a broad range of professional, engineering and technical services to the telecommunications and power delivery markets. Learn more about Mi-Tech Services by clicking here.