safety culture: what it is & how we maintain it?

“Safety is how we do business.” That phrase is a cornerstone of the Equix Culture. We take all of our core values very seriously. Still, the value of a Safety Culture is held in the highest regard. There are several ways one can define the term “Safety Culture.” At Equix, we define it as operating with the pre-determined attitude that safety is how we do everything every day. This is evident in our daily routines, company meetings, and even in the language we use. 

We begin all of our meetings with a safety moment. This exercise and habit effectively keep safety at the forefront of our minds throughout the day. Safety is how we do business, regardless of our daily tasks. So whether it’s a story demonstrating the importance of safe practices or an OSHA rule that impacts our crews, we take a few minutes to start our meetings with a safety moment.

“We should view all of our coworkers as members of our own family. We’re responsible for taking any measure necessary to ensure everyone goes home safely,” said Jerrod Henschel, President & CEO.

Executing our safety practices comes down to the responsibility and accountability of our team members. Responsibility consists of a team of people who are assigned a multitude of tasks. At the same time, accountability involves the specific duty given to one individual. On a job site, the responsibility of safety is shared by the entire team for completing a project safely, efficiently, and up to standard. The person accountable for keeping those responsibilities from falling short is Lee Travis, Vice President of Health, Safety, and Environment.

Lee views accountability as a way of maintaining consistency in company values regardless of the situation. At its core, proper implementation involves a few key factors: OSHA Regulations, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and environmental stewardship. Lee strives to improve each of these elements daily to ensure project safety standards are met.

Creating a safety culture takes time and effort, but most importantly, it requires a commitment from every single Equix employee. It requires them to believe and act as though they are responsible for their personal safety and the well-being of those around them, whether it’s a coworker, community member, or a stranger.

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