Our core values

When companies and customers hear Equix, they immediately think about our core values. Customers hold us to the highest standard regarding our values: safety culture, cohesive teams, integrity & professionalism, customer & stakeholder support, and environmental stewardship. Our foundational core remains the same even as Equix has grown over the years. Everyone on our team, whether in the office or on a job site, must implement our values to hold themselves and their team members accountable. Let’s explore these values and how our teams exercise them daily.

Our first core value, Safety Culture, is something Equix constantly works to establish into our everyday routine. It begins with a consistent, daily meeting at each job site going over the expectations, precautions, and overall project oversights. After the morning briefing, work can begin, and site members are held responsible for the entire day to practice safe construction and look out for their peers and the surrounding community. Equix will always emphasize the well-being of our employees and ensure that our employees carry out the proper protocol on every job site.

Our second core value follows how we maintain our safety promises with Cohesive Teams. It stems from good communication practices and mutual respect for our teammates. Equix builds an atmosphere that encourages diversity, ideas, and inclusion. This dedication to providing a safe surrounding for our workers can create a foundation for our Integrity and Professionalism, our third core value. We are guaranteed to follow through every time because we build trust with those around us to uphold our standards. Continually practicing what we preach creates a solid bond with our customers and employee base.

Equix’s fourth value supports our Customers and Stakeholders in curating long-lasting and trustworthy relationships. We always want to ensure that our customers feel confident that their projects are in good, capable hands. Depend on Equix to make each project a success and a weight off your shoulders, knowing it will get done well in a timely, safe manner.

Our final core value is our dedication to Environmental Stewardship. We want each of our projects to look as clean as possible and be built sustainably; this means finding the greenest materials and keeping our job sites in top-notch condition. Our commitment to making significant structures and preserving the surrounding area go hand-in-hand.

Our core values make Equix a trusted, reputable, and upstanding company. These values are our foundation and guide for the way we do business on a daily basis. They hold us accountable and ensure that our team will seek to improve every day on the job.

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