Equix & environmental stewardship

At Equix, our core values aren’t just something we talk
about; they are characteristics and traits that we consciously build into our
everyday routine. Our team has worked extensively to devise plans so that the
practices enforcing our core value of environmental stewardship feel just as
customary as putting on your hard hat and vest. We ensure that each crew member
on our job sites begins the day knowing what we expect when they leave that
day. We always have a clear picture of how each space needs to be left to
protect the environment and surrounding stakeholders that depend on it. Our
goal has been, and always will be, for environmental care to feel habitual and
second nature.

Equix has always promised to incorporate environmental
awareness in every assignment where we are involved. This promise consists of
preserving natural resources, picking up after wrapping up at the job site, and
integrating special procedures and practices to keep our commitment to the
Earth and all Equix stakeholders. The time we spend keeping our environment
clean is just as important as the time we spend preparing to operate safely.

The key to creating an environmentally aware system begins
at the foundation. Everyone who steps onto an active site must be on the same
standards. Lee Travis, our VP of Health, Safety, and Environment, states,
“The best project manager will prioritize safety while still maintaining
productivity, money, schedule, and proper implementation.” Project
managers who preserve vigilance and consistency in their practice create the
example that the rest of our team members follow. Further, every single employee
joining Equix is aware of our core values on their first day.

It is up to each individual to do their due diligence in
incorporating this merit into their work. Tasks as simple as cleaning up one’s
lunch trash make a huge impact when we’re all consistent. As a result, keeping
the core value of environmental stewardship alive relies on everyone in Equix.
We must consciously decide to put our efforts and minds toward keeping Equix on
the track with being environmentally friendly.

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