Design-Build Wireline


Equix works closely with Mi-Tech, another subsidiary of the Equix group of companies, for communications network design support. Together, we can handle all aspects of infrastructure design and construction for fiber optic networks from high-level design, through all phases of construction and as-built delivery.


The team at Equix has built a wide variety of fiber networks, such as long haul, middle-mile, FTTX and metro ring configuration systems.

We can provide all aspects of outside plant construction for wireline fiber projects, including;

  • Directional Drilling
  • Plowing & Trenching
  • Bridge Attachment Installation
  • Open Cut Metro Build
  • Manhole Systems
  • Rod & Rope
  • Aerial Make Ready
  • Strand & Lash Cable
  • Aerial conduit installation
  • Pole Change Outs
  • Cable Pulling & Jetting
  • Splicing & Testing
  • Fiber Characterization

Related Project - Design-Build Fiber to the Tower

Portions of eastern and southern Wisconsin were running thin on wireless backhaul capacity, which led to dropped calls and lack of wireless broadband service in areas.

Equix was engaged by one of our Clients to help address the problem by designing and building 22 new fiber laterals to existing wireless tower locations.

The project consisted of more than 100 miles of new aerial and buried outside plant, a large number of permitting entities and pole owners, diverse tower owners and some adverse weather.

As of this writing, the last few elements of the project are being finalized and packaged for turnover to the Client.