Sewer Mainline & Lateral Clean and TV

Sewer Mainline & Lateral Cleaning and Televising

Equix’s LACP and PACP trained management team, administrators, and field team utilize state of the art mainline CCTV trucks, lateral launch trucks, push cameras, CCTV software, and locators. This allows us to provide LACP and PACP certified inspection, as well as lateral and mainline tracing and location to our customers, while delivering the most detailed and accurate reports and deliverables.

CCTV is used to find pipe conditions such as:
  • Inflow and infiltration (I/I)
  • Debris
  • Roots, Grease, and Attached Deposits
  • Structural Defects
  • Construction Features
  • More than 3 million linear feet of pipe inspected annually by PACP Certified Operators and growing
  • Full fleet of environmentally friendly 80-120 GPM recycler Jet/Vac Trucks
  • Large inventory of various sized transporters and cameras, capable of inspecting mainlines from 6” to >100”
  • Full in house QA/QC department to ensure on time and quality deliverables
  • NASSCO Certified trainer on staff
  • Strategically located to service all regions throughout the United States


A – Equix has a fully functioning CCTV – UTV unit capable of traversing almost any terrain, as well as multiple off road cleaning machines.

A – Yes. We are even capable of importing your old inspections and updating them with the proper PACP coding, to prepare a full deliverable.

A – No. We welcome everyone, competitors included. We believe standardization in the inspection industry is extremely important, and beneficial to everyone the more widely it is implemented.

A – Our fleet of recycler trucks can limit trips to the hydrant to nearly 0. We are able to utilize the live flow in sanitary sewers to fill the truck and be ready for cleaning.