Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Our highly skilled manhole rehab crews rehabilitate aging manholes, wet wells, tanks, and catch basins eliminating the cost and time needed to dig and replace them. 

Equix utilizes industry leading spray-on application cement spray trailers, as well as the ability to hand apply in extremely difficult easements. Using cementitious applications with corrosion inhibitors to defend against H2S damage, as well epoxy, we ensure the life and integrity of every structure our team rehabilitates.

  • Employees certified to apply multiple different products of cementitious and epoxy liners
  • Applications include hand spray, hand apply, and spin casting to safely and successfully rehabilitate manholes located in roadways and the deepest easements
  • Ability to introduce H2S inhibitors to help prevent damage to cementitious surfaces caused by gas
  • Ability to apply up to 2” of cementitious liner and rebuild bench and channel within structure


A – Yes. Typical warranty periods are 1 year, but can be up to 10 year depending on application and manufacturers suggestion.

A – Yes. At a minimum thickness of ½” of cementitious liner, this does restore structural integrity to the structure with proper prep including grouting to fill voids and stop leaks.

A – The combination of the two is the most effective solution to restore structure, prevent damage erosion from lateral connections, and sewer gasses.