Mainline & Lateral Join Grouting

Sewer Mainline & Lateral Joint Grouting

Equix’s, understanding the need to stop infiltration at all sources, offers mainline joint grouting, manhole grouting and lateral joint grouting. Utilizing packers and state-of-the-art CCTV, test, and seal trucks, chemical grout is injected into a leaking joint forming a water-tight barrier to infiltration. Manholes are drilled in multiple areas, and grout is injected by pump to blanket the entire manhole sealing any and all leaks from weepers to gushers.

  • Multiple Certified Avanti Applicators company wide covering a range of products capable of handling, storing, mixing, and transporting various products
  • Multiple Employees have successfully complete Avanti 300 Municipal Grout School
  • Applications can be used to blanket grout entire manholes, target joint sealing and pipe seals in manholes, mainline joints, lateral joints, and structural defects


A – Grouting manufacturers have records and testing that depict it to last anywhere from 25 years up to 50 years.

A – Grouting, in addition to CIPP lining, is the best way to ensure all possible entry points for infiltration are sealed.

A – Yes. Chemical grouting can restore stability to surrounding soils eroded away from infiltration. If done early in the stage of pipe failure, it could prevent severe damage.