Mainline & Lateral Join Grouting

Sewer Mainline & Lateral Joint Grouting

Equix Integrity’s, understanding the need to stop infiltration at all sources, offers mainline joint grouting, manhole grouting and lateral joint grouting. Utilizing packers and state of the art CCTV, test, & Seal Trucks, chemical grout is injected into a leaking joint forming a watertight barrier to infiltration. Manholes are drilled in multiple areas, and grout is injected by pump to blanket the entire manhole sealing any and all leaks from weepers to gushers.
  • Multiple Certified Avanti Applicators company wide covering a range of products capable of handling, storing, mixing, and transporting various products
  • Multiple Employees have successfully complete Avanti 300 Municipal Grout School
  • Applications can be used to blanket grout entire manholes, target joint sealing and pipe seals in manholes, mainline joints, lateral joints, and structural defects


A – Grouting manufacturer has records and testing showing grout should last at least 25 years and up to 50 years.
A – Grouting in addition to CIPP lining is the best way to ensure all possible entry points for infiltration are sealed.
A – Yes, chemical grouting can restore stability to surrounding soils eroded away from infiltration, if done early in the stage of pipe failure could prevent severe damage.