Cured-in-Place Point Repair


Equix stands out with cured-in-place point repair as an alternative method to full length CIPP. Our experienced staff utilizing CCTV and Steam trucks accurately pull the section of liner to the damaged section of the host pipe. The liner is then impregnated, cured, and televised to insure proper installation. This technology strengthens and seals the deteriorated or damaged portion of the host pipe, allowing the pipe to support soil and live loads.

  • Full Trenchless Installation
  • Steam Cured Fiberglass and Epoxy System
  • Product is completely VOC Free (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Product cures in less than 45 minutes
  • Capable of lining pipes to as large as 48”


A – Repair is made by fully executing the repair underground, with no disturbance to the surface from manholes, catch basins, or outfalls.
A – No problem, Integrity crews are outfitted with a lateral reinstatement unit to fully reopen the lateral to its original diameter.
A – Often time’s sewer lines may only 1 or 2 defects in need of repair. While manhole to manhole lining is sometimes the most practical solution, 1 or 2 repairs can be done and can translate to significant savings while still solving the problem.
A – Not necessarily, the product we utilize is designed to be both pushed and pulled into place in order to complete the repair.
A – Most of our repairs are done within 1-2 hours from arriving on site, with a cure time of 45 minutes, disruption to the public is very minimal.