Cross Bore Inspection

Cross Bore

Equix stands at the forefront of public protection with our underground utility infrastructure services. Our team offers cross bore inspection services to mitigate the risk of interfering with other underground utility lines, such as sewer and natural gas pipelines. Our inspection services use closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection trucks and remotely controlled cameras to document the utility lines in question.

  • Integrated sonde locating device for industry leading accuracy
  • Ability to launch and locate laterals with no disturbance to the property owner
  • Over 20,000 Laterals located annually
  • Pre-Construction, Post Construction, and Legacy Inspections Services
  • Strategically located to service all regions throughout the United States
  • Ability to provide multiple different levels of deliverable packages from simple spreadsheets to integrating with existing GIS platform


A – The average cross-bore rate is 1 in 0.4 miles of mainline sewer (via

A – Integrity crews are outfitted with push cameras to traverse the entire line from an outside cleanout or arrangements are made with the homeowner to complete from internal cleanouts.
A – Yes! Cross-bores can lead to serious injury or death, as well as billions of dollars in property damage and legal suits.

A – Absolutely. Contact us, and we’ll help you build a plan suited to your needs.