Sometimes a virtual experience can be better than a first-hand encounter.

Just ask two inquisitive boys who encountered our cross-bore inspection technicians in Jacksonville, FL. Encouraged by their grandparents, the boys asked questions about what the crew was doing.

Our technicians Keita and Tim explained how a remote-controlled camera lets them check whether 10-year-old natural gas lines had ever breached sewer lines in the neighborhood. Being 6 and 8, the boys asked to hop into the manhole to check it out for themselves.

We think our work is pretty cool, too, but we value safety above all else. So Keita and Tim took a few moments to explain the reasons why it isn’t safe to enter sewer systems without special gear and training. Bacteria, germs and dangerous gases were mentioned.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t end there. Next our technicians showed the boys how a rolling robot equipped with a telescoping camera can safely move throughout the sewer system, record data and transmit images back to a computer in a truck on the road. Add to it a remote control very similar to that of an xBox, and the boys learned about much safer, cleaner and effective ways to inspect sewer lines.

Well done, crew! Thanks for taking the time to provide an entertaining and educational lesson.


Now that your interest is piqued, here’s what cross-bore inspections are and why we do them. Underneath many yards and neighborhoods are a network of utility lines, including sewer mains and gas laterals. Sometimes when a gas line is being trenchless installed, it can get bored right through a sewer line. The cross-bored gas line can go unnoticed for years. However, if the sewer backs up, the gas line can get ruptured when the sewer is being cleaned, allowing explosive gas into homes or business through the sewer lateral. The results can be catastrophic.

Equix partners with utility companies for inspection services to identify any issues before it’s too late. Learn more here: https://www.equixinc.com/service_types/water-wastewater/

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