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General Contracting

Astra Group, a division under the Equix umbrella of companies, performs general contracting services to complete a wide variety of projects across multiple industries ranging from $1 million to $120 million.

Astra Construction Services (ACS), a subsidiary of Astra Group, is a job order contractor that specializes in building renovations (interior and exterior), park and recreation, utility task order contracts, job order contracts and hard bids for design-bid-build or design-build projects.
Projects can range from everyday construction to extremely complex multi-phased efforts. Several of our projects filter through our Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program. Examples are:
  • Site improvements such as sidewalks, paving, parking lot construction, parks and recreational areas, infrastructure, additions and upgrades, etc.
  • Building renovations of any type or system upgrades, i.e., electrical & mechanical.
  • Single or multiple trade projects such as painting, flooring, and new lighting

JOC can do it all or as little as needed. The JOC Contractor has satisfied the State mandated bid process, therefore, State agencies that use this contracting method can bypass the competitive bid process and procure directly with a JOC contractor of their choice.

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