Geotechnical Services

Our Geotechnical Services group can provide equipment and personnel to investigate underground conditions using conventional auger and wash boring techniques, specialized CPT testing, and installation of underground monitoring devices for short or long term testing.

Our staff of licensed Professional Engineers perform laboratory testing services, such as; unconfined compressive strength, Atterberg limits, soil gradation analysis, pH, and a number of other soil index property tests. These tests provide our professional staff with information necessary to analyze conditions and define remedial efforts.

We install and monitor geotechnical instrumentation to provide analysis of ground movements and groundwater conditions. Instrumentation consists of monitoring wells, piezometers, inclinometers, and extensometers. Such monitoring can last for days or years and can be accomplished during routine site visits or via remote monitoring systems.

Our Equix Infrastructure, Inc. – Geotechnical Services unit provides analysis of existing foundations and solutions to failing/aging infrastructure. These services can be utilized for both land and marine applications.

Equix GeotechnicalServices Include:

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  • Design-Build Groundwater Control
  • Geotechnical Evaluations
  • Pump & Treat Systems – Contaminated Groundwater
  • Horizontal Wells & Trenches
  • Groundwater Containment Barriers
  • Hydro Demolition Services
  • Flow Diversion & Siphoning

Equix Infrastructure

Geotechnical offers evaluation services provided by our professional, licensed geotechnical engineers and hydrogeologists; collection and analysis of geotechnical and hydrogeological data for the development of infrastructure (e.g.; foundations, retaining structures, landfills, slopes, etc.).

  • Inspection, analysis and design of a ground improvement solution to a large-capacity ore storage area, alongside a navigable body of water.
  • Installation, monitoring and reporting for a ground movement condition at a 100-year old industrial site built on top of soft, compactible soils. 
  • Analysis, design and inspection for construction of a groundwater containment barrier, alongside a dam/spillway. 
  • Analysis and design of a large-scale groundwater control project, alongside a major river, to lower up to 90’ of water over a 5-year period.