Maint. & Emergency Restoration


Equix Broadband provides 24/7 maintenance in select markets for fiber optic and cellular networks
  • Equix Broadband can provide on-call fiber and wireless technicians to provide fast response times to your network issues.
  • Our technicians roll with all the material needed to secure sites hit by a service affecting event and perform preliminary investigations to determine the cause of all network outages and activities required to restore service to the network.
  • Equix Broadband project management teams work closely with our maintenance technicians and the client to ensure a full restoration plan is developed as quickly as possible.
  • Our installation teams work with our on-call technicians and follow the restoration plans to ensure sites are restored as quickly as possible.
  • In a growing number of markets, Equix Broadband can provide spares management and distribute equipment wherever and whenever it is needed as well as managing returns and related activities.