Telecommunications Design & Survey

Telecom Design & Survey

Mi-Tech Services handles all aspects of infrastructure design for communications projects of all sizes and lengths. We develop comprehensive plans for placement of coax, copper, fiber, conduit
and wireless networks in aerial, buried and underground formats.

Mi-Tech is a national provider of high-quality, reliable technical and design services to telecommunications,
power, and wind energy industries.

Infrastructure Design: Copper, Coax, Fiber, Conduit

FTTX solutions

  • DA studies
  • Planning
  • Aerial and buried design
  • Metro Area Network Design
  • Digital Loop Carrier Systems
  • SONET Network Design
  • Desk Top Surveys
  • Construction Estimates
  • Plan and profile
  • Manhole design and rebuild
  • Manhole Butter Flies
  • Pole Loading (OCALC)
  • Mid Span Loading (Storm Loading)
  • Feeder/ Trunk/Distribution (copper)
  • Strand Mapping
  • Inspection
  • Resident Engineering
  • Design Build
  • On Premise Engineers/Drafting


  • Traffic Control
  • Permit application Design
  • Permit Walk Thru
  • To Scale Permit Design
  • Pole Attachment Agreements
  • Environmental

Infrastructure Update:

  • Construction As- Built (Red Lines)
  • Fiber Schematics
  • Copper Schematics
  • Linking Records to Real World Coordinates (GIS)
  • Customer Record Revisions