President's Message

At Equix, our most important Core Value is very simple. We foster a safety culture, placing the protection of our people and the general public above all else. As a Core Value, we simply can’t look the other way if someone performs a task unsafely, regardless of the circumstances.


We employ many safety professionals across our organization and spend many thousands of hours delivering focused training programs, regularly coaching, and keeping track of leading indicators. Our field leaders hold tailgate meetings to train their crews, and daily JSA (jobsite safety analysis) meetings to identify specific hazards on the jobsite and keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind. These are all very important, but still not enough to achieve our goal.


Safety must be embedded in our culture as the job of every single employee, bar none. Our expectation is that every employee has a responsibility not only to watch out for their own safety, but also for the safety of their fellow co-workers. This is manifested through our stop work policy. Any employee, from entry level to the seasoned veterans, has the authority to stop work if they feel they have not been properly trained for a task, or if they feel the task is not being performed safely. It’s a pretty simple expectation, but one we are unwavering on.


We expect all employees to be absolutely committed to the goal that everyone goes home at the end of each day in the same condition they showed up in. The entire leadership team at Equix takes the responsibility to foster a safety culture very seriously. As a stakeholder, if you have concerns or accolades about our safety performance, please feel free to reach out to me at any time.


Jerrod Henschel
President & CEO

VP HSE Safety Message

Equix is entrusted every day to perform work safely in the communities where we do business. We maintain this trust by fostering a safety culture that places the protection of our people and the general public above all else. We integrate the value of our safety culture into all levels of the organization; this enables our personnel to create healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly places where we work and live. As a result, we understand our safety responsibilities and know we are accountable for our safety and the safety of others.


We believe that all safety incidents are preventable. By continually assessing, identifying, and controlling risks and hazards, we keep people safe. If a safety incident occurs, we will seek to understand, learn, and continuously improve our processes to eliminate recurrence. Our team of health, safety, and environmental professionals are a resource to the entire company they are relentless leaders and demonstrate this by nurturing our safety culture value to the benefit of our employees, customers, stakeholders, and communities. We measure and monitor our safety performance and use it as an indicator of organizational excellence.  


The safety of people is imperative, and we will not be fully satisfied until safety excellence is uniformly and consistently sustained.


Safely yours,
Lee Travis
Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment